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Plots For Sale Citi Housing Kharian
Citi Housing Kharian - Sarai Alamgir, Grand Trunk Road, Kharian, Pakistan
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Property ID: MW39238
  • Residential Plot
  • Property Type
  • 2023
  • Year Built


Plots For Sale Citi Housing Kharian

Citi Housing Kharian is a housing development for the residents of the Gujrat and Jhelum districts and is located at Kharian Sarai Alamgir. The neighborhood is well-known for its superbly built homes and other state-of-the-art amenities available to its residents. Citi Housing Kharian strives to build a strong connection between the people of New Kharian Sarai Alamgir and the surrounding towns.

It offers you a top-notch infrastructure and a completely modern way of life. When all safety precautions are taken into account, this housing community provides its residents with the most promising security, working around the clock to make sure they enjoy peaceful lives in the area.

The following details about the project are offered in order to help you decide whether or not it would be a good area for you to live in, including its location, amenities, housing types, and payment schedule.

Citi Housing Kharian Developers & Owners

On G.T. Road Sarai Alamgir, the contemporary housing development Citi Housing Kharian offers all modern conveniences and services at reasonable costs. Amir Malik of Citi Housing Group is Citi Housing Kharian developer & owner. The organization in charge of the project, which operates under the banner of CITI Housing Private Limited, is the Citi Housing Group. The developer employs a talented team that is incredibly committed to providing excellence. Citi Housing Group has successfully developed the following projects in various Pakistani cities:

  • Gujranwala Citi Housing
  • Jhelum Citi Housing
  • Multan Citi Housing
  • Sialkot Citi Housing

Citi Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir offers a comfortable, close-to-nature existence with all of the modern conveniences. “Citi Housing Kharian” is also providing a wide range of amenities, such as parks, a community center, a magnificent mosque, wide sidewalks, carpeted roads, and access to all utilities, including power and gas.

Are you looking for a housing society in Kharian that can offer a modern living style with amazing infrastructure? If yes, your search ends here. Sapphire Properties brings Citi Housing Kharian to the people of District Gujrat and Jhelum. It will be the first housing society in the area that will help to connect the people of New Kharian and Sarai Alamgir.

Your dream of living in a place where you can spend a happy, opulent, and peaceful life with a soothing and calm environment comes true with the Citi Housing Kharian. You can enjoy beautiful green parks, fields, and clean roads with beautifully built houses.

For your ease, we are writing all details about the project, such as its Location, Master Plan, Payment Plan, and facilities and amenities. We will also write facts about the project’s legal status and its owners and developers. So, without further delay, let’s learn about this Housing Society.

Citi Housing Kharian Developers

Do you want to know who the developers of Citi Housing Kharian are?

We have great news for you Mr Amir Malik is the owner of this high-end housing society. Mr Amir runs the Citi Housing Group and has completed many successful projects in different cities. The group includes experts and professionals that are committed to providing excellence. So, this project is in safe hands and will break all the previous records of success.

Citi Housing Kharian NOC

The Tehsil Municipal Authority has given Citi Housing Kharian (formerly known as Golf Residencia) their approval (TMA). However, the developers have submitted all required documentation for approval in order to following the name change to gain the status of a legal housing society. Citi Housing has obtained legitimacy status from relevant authorities. “Citi Housing Kharian NOC” will further contribute to the progress and success of this wonderful housing community.

No Objection Certificate of any society plays an important role in defining whether a project is legal or illegal. It is always recommended to invest in housing projects that are NOC-approved or have NOC in process. So, it will ensure that you are investing in a reliable and significant society.

Citi Housing Kharian Location Map

The first thing that comes to mind while searching for a new place to reside is where it is and how it feels. The location of the society, the ease with which it can be reached from various parts of the city, the entry, and all help you make the decision to buy land in that society.

Citi Housing Kharian location map shows this housing society was constructed with ease with the residents of Kharian Sarai Alamgir District Gujrat in mind. The main GT road Sarai Alamgir in New Kharian, one of Punjab’s favorite and widest roads, is where the exquisitely constructed City Housing Scheme is located. All the major locations, as well as the residential and business hubs, are nearby and connected to one another.

Builders and investors might choose to take advantage of the chance to purchase properties in this area, either for their own use or as a secure investment that will generate a guaranteed return. Let’s take a look at some excellent points from the Citi Housing Kharian location map to know the availability of this project.

  • It takes 2 minutes to get to GT Road.
  • It takes 2 minutes to reach Grand City Kharian.
  • It takes 4 minutes to get to New Metro City Kharian.
  • Drive time to Buraq City is 2 minutes.
  • Drive time to Kharian city is 15 minutes.
  • It takes 2 minutes to travel the projected Sialkot-Rawalpindi Motorway.
  • It takes 22 minutes to get to Jhelum City.
  • It takes an hour to get to Mirpur city.
  • The trip to Gujrat City takes 50 minutes.

citi housing kharian accessible points

Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan

Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan is designed by experienced architects and engineers. They have designed the Master Plan with their superior qualification and experience. The Master plan of Citi Housing Kharian shows different phases in this wonderful housing society. If we say the design and architecture of this housing society will beat all the existing societies in Kharian, it wouldn’t be wrong.

The developers of the housing project have decided to build educational institutes, mosques, parks, Medicare centers, parlors, shopping marts, and cinemas. They also have planned to develop a state-of-the-art infrastructure with a superb power supply system.

If we talk about the blocks in this society, they will connect through carpeted streets and roads. In addition, a magnificent thematic park is also included in the society, which will increase its overall beauty. It will be the first park of this kind in the city and is also the main reason to attract investors and residents.

Furthermore, the developers of Citi Housing Kharian aim to develop commercial and residential plots toll become the top-notch housing societies in Kharian. The developers also have the vision of offering modern and latest living standards to the Pakistanis. Thus, we can say that the development of this mega housing project is under the supervision of expert developers.

citi housing kharian master plan

Master Plan Layout

The layout plan is an important part of any housing society that describes the commercial and residential plot sizes. Various plots are available, and Citi Housing Kharian provides equal opportunity to all residents to buy their desired plots in society and build their dream homes. The management of the housing society has set reasonable prices for the plots so that investors belonging to any class can invest in the society and book a plot.

The plot sizes available in the housing society are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

If we talk about the commercial plots of any housing society, they have prime importance because no one prefers to buy a plot in a society with no commercial areas. You can rest assured that the developers of Citi Housing Kharian have also introduced commercial plots so that you can invest in society with great courage. If you are interested in commercial plots, you can easily invest in and build a plaza, office, retail shop, and shopping mall.

Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan

As you have got enough information about the location, developers, and master plan of Citi Housing Kharian, now you will definitely look for the payment plan for this mega housing project. So, if we talk about the Citi Housing Kharian Payment Plan, it varies for commercial and residential plots. The payment plan of residential plots in the Citi Housing Kharian is affordable for all investors.

Let’s have a look at the payment plan of Citi Housing Kharian

5 Marla Plot

Total Amount = 2,450,000 PKR

Booking Amount = 550,000 PKR

12 Quarterly Installments = 158,333 PKR

7 Marla Plot

Total Amount = 3,250,000 PKR

Booking Amount = 750,000 PKR

12 Quarterly Installments = 208,000 PKR

10 Marla Plot

Total Amount = 4,450,000 PKR

Booking Amount = 850,000 PKR

12 Quarterly Installments = 300,000 PKR

1 Kanal Plot

Total Amount = 8,450,000 PKR

Booking Amount = 1,400,000 PKR

12 Quarterly Installments = 587,500 PKR

2 Kanal Plot

Total Amount = 14,990,000 PKR

Booking Amount = 2,000,000 PKR

12 Quarterly Installments = 1,082,500 PKR

Payment Plan

citi housing kharian payment plan

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How to Book a Plot in Citi Housing Kharian?

The developers have provided a simple and easy booking procedure for the investors so that they stay comfortable and cool while booking. For your ease, we are providing a detailed booking procedure which is as follows:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Attach the required documents with it.
  • Pay the down payment.

The required documents are:

  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Two copies of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • Two copies of CNIC of your next to kin
citi housing kharian document required for booking

Guideline for Purchasing/Selling

If you sell or purchase a plot in Citi Housing Kharian or any other housing society, there are a few steps you need to follow for an excellent and smooth dealing procedure. These steps are:

Verification of Documents

The most important step while booking a plot is the verification of the documents. Documents verification helps you avoid any misdealing and misunderstanding. In addition, always ensure that the society has a legally approved NOC or in process NOC before investing in any real estate society.

Financial Security

The second most important step is to ensure that the payment plan of the society is in line with your budget. After that, you will not face any issues in booking your plot. So, always invest in a plot that has an affordable payment plan.

Visit the Property

The last but not the least step is a visit to the society in which you are deciding to invest. After verification of the documents and ensuring financial security, the last step is to visit the site and get satisfied with the location.

Benefits of Investment

Now, if we talk about the benefits of investment in Citi Housing Kharian, there are many. Let’s get to know some of the most prominent benefits:

Financial Security

The biggest benefit of investment in Citi Housing Kharian is financial security. Investing in commercial or residential plots in society gives you the feeling of security and future satisfaction.

Non-Depreciable Asset

The second most prominent benefit of the investment in Citi Housing Kharian is that it is a non-depreciable asset. It is because property value in the real estate industry has boosted over time. So, you can get double the value of your assets within a few years.

Passive Income

The next benefit investors can get is that real estate investments are just like passive income. You can give the property on rent in which you have invested and get a consistent monthly income.

Citi Housing Kharian Facilities

Whenever someone decides to build a home or business in society, their first concern is the availability of basic facilities. The availability of the facilities makes investors’ decisions easy as they know they will live happy life in society. So, here we are writing about some of the Citi Housing Kharian Facilities that will make it easy for you to decide about your investment.

Educational Institutes

We all know the importance of education and educational institutes in the country. Due to the increase in awareness of the people about the availability of basic education, the literacy rate is improving in the country. But the main problem is that no significant institutes in the country can provide international standard education.

Citi Housing Kharian Master Plan included the development of educational institutes so that residents could get a high-quality education. In these schools, highly qualified teachers will spread the light of knowledge. Every child in society will be able to get basic education from experienced teachers.


The management of the society will develop a separate mosque in each block of the society so that residents can easily perform their religious duties. A big mosque in the society will be known as Jamia Masjid, where people can perform their prayers. The developers know how important a mosque is for the people of Pakistan, so they have added it to the Master Plan as a priority development task.

Medical Services

The next most important feature of society is that it is going to offer all the medical services that someone needs to live a healthy lifestyle. It is a bitter reality that people do not have easy access to basic health facilities, and most people cannot afford expensive treatments. In addition, we also know that health problems are increasing over time due to increased pollution.

The developers have the vision to offer residents the best medical facilities. So, they are giving immense importance to the availability of medical facilities that should be part of society. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the medical services in Citi Housing Kharian.


It is a genuine fact that all people need entertainment, either young or old. Entertainment is essential to keep yourself healthy and fit. It is why the management of the new housing societies is paying attention to developing parks in the societies so that people can live and enjoy an eco-friendly and peaceful environment.

The Citi Housing Kharian developers have included parks in the Master plan so people can enjoy and relax in convenient places. In addition, people can relax and avoid stress and depression.

Security System

In our country, security is the primary concern of every citizen. Therefore, every investor wants to invest in a secure and terror-free society. In addition, safety and security are very important for the progress of any society in the real estate market.

So, if we talk about Citi Housing Kharian, it has a robust security system. The latest digital equipment is used to enhance the security of society. We all know that every individual’s the right to live in a safe and secure environment. So, the developers have guaranteed security with 24/7 security surveillance.

citi housing kharian facilities

Citi Housing Kharian Features & Amenities

Secure & Safe Community

Security staff, CCTV surveillance, and a centralized security command post will be installed to ensure stringent and robust security for the residents’ protection.

Community Clubs

Residents of the Citi Housing Kharian will have access to community clubs where they can plan various activities such as parties, dinners, and wedding receptions.

24/7 Power and Water Supply

Citi Housing Kharian has planned a system to ensure a 24/7 supply of essential utilities to residents.

Sewerage System

Residents will not have any drainage concerns due to the excellent sewerage infrastructure. Residents can also get pure and purified drinking water from filtration plants.

Health Centers

Hospitals and clinics will offer all high-tech medical services and emergency services and highly qualified doctors and paramedics.

Park and Recreation Clubs

The developers have included a well-planned zoo and public beautiful green parks to give a fresh, clean, and eco-friendly environment.

Educational Centers

Primary educational institutions, such as schools and colleges, will also be available to ensure that youngsters are enlightened with the light of knowledge.

Wide Roads

The highways, streets, and central avenues are designed to offer inhabitants a secure and spacious commute. High-tech surveillance and street lighting systems have been installed on the roadways and streets.

  • Address Citi Housing Kharian - Sarai Alamgir, Grand Trunk Road, Kharian, Pakistan
  • City Kharian
  • State/county Punjab
  • Zip/Postal Code 50090
  • Country Pakistan


  • Property ID: MW39238
  • Price: On Call
  • Year Built: 2023
  • Property Type: Residential Plot
  • Property Status: New Projects


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