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Best Ten Mobile Apps For Appraisers

Best Ten Mobile Apps For Appraisers

Many professions, including real estate appraisers, have found mobile apps to be a significant resource in the digital age. These applications can aid appraisers in streamlining their workflow, increasing efficiency, and enhancing precision.

Here are the Best ten useful mobile applications for appraisers:

TOTAL for Mobile

This application allows appraisers to examine reports, create new orders, and manage their calendars.


Appraisers can use it to track the miles they travel for inspections and other appraisal-related tasks.


This program allows appraisers to produce floor plans using the camera on their mobile smartphone. The application employs augmented reality to accurately measure and design floor blueprints.

PDF Expert

It is a valuable instrument for preparing appraisal reports and other paperwork.


This program transforms a mobile device’s camera into a scanner, enabling appraisers to scan and store papers on the fly. The application also includes editing capabilities for improving scanned documents.


It permits appraisers to receive orders, amend order status, and upload finished reports.


This App is useful for appraisers who need to share massive files with customers or coworkers. Dropbox can be used by appraisers to store and distribute appraisal reports, photographs, and other information.


Real estate appraisers can use this software to get access to real estate data, such as property values, listing prices, and market trends. It is a great resource for appraisers who need to conduct market-area property research.


This application is meant to assist appraisers in conducting inspections on-site more efficiently. Appraisers are able to take images, add notes, and sketch floor layouts straight on their mobile devices.


Evernote is useful for appraisers who must keep track of their notes, thoughts, and research. It allows appraisers to take and organize notes, clip web pages, and save images and documents for future reference.

These mobile apps can help appraisers streamline their work, make them more productive, and make more accurate appraisal reports. To ensure the highest level of accuracy and professionalism, these applications should be used in conjunction with traditional appraisal methodologies and best practices.

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