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Christina Anstead

Christina Anstead

Christina Anstead is an American real estate investor and TV personality who is best known for appearing with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa on the HGTV show “Flip or Flop.” She has been in more than 100 episodes of the show, which is currently in its eighth season. She also has her own spinoff show called “Christina on the Coast,” where she shows how well she can flip houses.

Tarek teaches her how to invest in real estate through their programme, Real Estate Elevated. Together, she and Tarek wrote the ebooks ’24 Ways to Profit on Real Estate in 2019′ and ’50 Ways to Find Your Next Flip’ to go with the programme. She works with Tarek, but she is mostly in charge of the design part of the job and making sure everything stays on schedule.

Childhood & Early Life

Christina Meursinge Haack, who is now known as Christina Anstead, was born on July 9, 1983, in Orange County, California. Carly, her younger sister, is ten years younger than she is.
She went to school in southern California before going to college to take a business and design course. After she graduated, she went to work in the real estate business.

Christina Anstead


 Christina Anstead met her future husband, Tarek El Moussa when she was working as a real estate agent. The two later opened a real estate agency in Orange County, California, called “Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group.” Together with Pete De Best, the couple bought their first house in Santa Ana for $115,000. This made them $34,000 in profit.

Later, they started flipping houses and selling real estate in Arizona and Nevada. They also started their own construction and design business in southern California. They ran the business well until the housing market dropped after the stock market crash in October 2008. After that, they had to cut back on their living standards a lot.

In 2010, they finished their first flip six months later than planned, but they still made a small profit, which made them want to do more. In 2011, Tarek and a friend made a video of the whole process of flipping a house, from start to finish. The tape was an audition submission to HGTV.

In an interesting twist, the producers liked the tape, and the channel hired the couple for a weekly show called “Flip or Flop,” which debuted in April 2013. The TV show has been very popular, and there have been eight seasons of it.

Even though they got divorced in 2018, they still appear on the show together. However, after their divorce, the company they had started together was dissolved. They also continue to coach thousands of real estate students through their investment programme, Real Estate Elevated, which includes workshops, advanced camps, online resources, live mentorships, and one-on-one coaching.

Christina Anstead got her own spinoff show, “Christina on the Coast,” which started filming in the fall of 2018. The first episode of the show, which started on May 23, 2019, was about her fixing up her new home. In the next seven episodes, she fixes up the homes of her clients.

Family & Personal Life

In 2009, Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead tied the knot. On September 22, 2010, they had their first child, a daughter named Taylor Reese El Moussa. Christina didn’t like that she couldn’t spend enough time with her daughter during the first season of filming for their show, so she changed her schedule.

When Tarek was diagnosed with Stage II thyroid cancer in 2013, they decided to save his sperm and try in vitro fertilisation before he started radiation treatment. After a failed IVF attempt and a miscarriage, they changed doctors and how they tried to get pregnant. After that, she was able to get pregnant in 2015 by following strict rules. On August 20, 2015, the couple’s second child, a son named Brayden James El Moussa, was born.

Four weeks after her son was born, Christina went back to work. She realised later that it happened too quickly for her, which made things hard between them. In May 2016, after a heated argument that ended with Tarek leaving the house with a gun, they finally broke up. In 2017, the couple asked to get a divorce, which was finalised in January 2018.

Christina Anstead started dating TV host Ant Anstead in November 2017, after a mutual friend set them up. They got married on December 22, 2018, at their home in Newport Beach, California.
Christina and Tarek raise their two kids together even though they live close to each other. She already has two stepchildren from Ant’s first marriage, and she is expecting a boy with Ant.

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