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Common Mistakes Found in Appraisal Reports

Common Mistakes Found in Appraisal Reports

Appraisals are very important in the real estate business. They help buyers and sellers figure out what a property is really worth. But many appraisal reports have mistakes that can lead to wrong values. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most common mistakes in appraisal reports.

Incorrect property description

The property description is the first and most important part of an appraisal. Having the wrong description of the property is a common mistake. This can cause the property to be valued incorrectly. To make sure that the appraiser is valuing the right property, he or she needs a full and accurate description of the property.

Inaccurate measurements

Inaccurate measurements are the second most common mistake in appraisal reports. This includes mistakes in the square footage, number of rooms, and size of the lot. These mistakes can make a big difference in how much the property is worth. Before the appraisal report is finished, it is very important to make sure that the measurements are correct.

Lack of market analysis

The lack of a market analysis is another common mistake in appraisal reports. The appraiser should carefully look at the market and compare the property to others in the area that are similar. This analysis is a key part of figuring out how much the property is worth, and not doing it can lead to an incorrect valuation.

Incomplete or outdated information

Evaluation reports need information that is complete and up-to-date. This includes details about the property’s current condition, any renovations or improvements, and any recent sales or listings of similar properties. If the appraiser doesn’t have full and up-to-date information, the report may have mistakes.

Incorrect adjustments

To account for any differences between the subject property and the comparable sales, the appraiser has to make changes to the comparable sales.

The changes have to be correct and based on facts. If the adjustments are done wrong, the property could be wrongly valued.


In the end, appraisal reports are a very important part of the real estate business. But they can make mistakes that lead to wrong estimates. The most common mistakes in appraisal reports are a wrong description of the property, wrong measurements, no market analysis, missing or out-of-date information, and wrong adjustments. To get an accurate valuation of the property, it is important to avoid making these mistakes.

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